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Take Your Time

Remember, haste makes waste! Especially when you are about to pick a service that may save your evening, or night, or date, or GPA, or something else. Clear your head from all unimportant thoughts, take a deep breath and weigh up pros and cons of a specific essay writing service. It may take you half an hour or two hours, whatever! It’s better to find two or three custom writing services in order to choose one of them. Look at a website of a certain company, its content, its design, how it works and, of course, take a good look at the prices.

Write My Essay Price Policy

Price policies of essay writing companies vary extremely and puzzle many potential clients. You should remember that cheaper is not always better. A high-quality paper, completed within a tight deadline, cannot be cheap due to obvious reasons. A professional writer will not agree to write a certain assignment within 5 or 6 hours for a song. Companies with higher prices usually offer some extras for their clients, and both parties benefit from that.
Newly implemented price calculators may be particularly useful, if you need to calculate the cost of writing an essay. All you have to do is fill in all your paper details, such as a type of assignment, academic level and number of pages (please consult your teacher about specific requirements of your assignment). Voila! Here is your price. Moreover, the price calculator shows a number of words per page so that the result will certainly meet your requirements. Here is an example of what price you can pay when placing the same order with different custom writing services: you will have to pay $86 at for a three-page professional essay to be completed within three days, and the same essay costs $96 at the other custom writing service. Why do you have to pay more?

Website Design

The first thing what you look at is a website design. Professional custom writing companies, which will certainly meet all your “Please do my essay!” requests, should have an interesting design of high-quality. Basically, a company’s reliability depends on the design. Sections of a website should be visible and written in a readable font, and texts of these sections should be understandable, especially if you are a first-timer. You must agree that a reliable company’s website won’t look like a work of an amateur. For a company to be successful, it must invest significant funds not only into the company’s organization, but into the website design as well. So keep your eyes wide open!


The next feature to consider is a website content. A reliable custom writing service website should contain: a brief description of a company’s services, a list of all types of papers that you can order, a list of subjects, prices, possible ways of payment, guarantees, some extras that you can get as a client, contact information, etc. An additional web page with articles and some useful and interesting information would be a plus. As a rule, at the bottom of every reliable custom writing service website, you can find who owns the site, the copyright, etc. Modern websites use different flash players to show some ads or GIFF pictures, so it is also a sign of a good and trustworthy company.

Support Team

It is a common thing among customer-oriented companies to have a Customer Support Team that serves the needs of their clients. Many developing companies decide to build such support team in order to improve the quality of provided services, to make their companies more reliable, more personalized and more efficient. It is good to know that you can always write a message or make a call to a Support Team, and its manager will gladly provide you with any help you need. The same principle works for essay writing companies. In reply to your “Can you please write an essay for me?” question, you should get professional assistance from the Customer Support Manager. The main things you have to mind are smiling voice, politeness, and knowledgeability.
Customer Support Team is a group of people, who know for sure what they do and what they tell. They seem to be wizards of their own foggy world of custom writings, and when you are in need, they are here 24/7 for you to do their magic.

Now you know five major tips to make the right choice, and you are true essay-writing-companies-expert. You can look at different companies, think of what they have to offer, think again and make your choice.

An essay writing company is truly a magic world with its own rules, principles, heroes and bad guys. These rules may seem odd to you, my dear friend. But don’t be scared! It’s a long journey, and you will definitely see magical things happening along the way, and wizards of essay-writing-world always ready to help you, but it’s up to you to decide which service to choose. So go ahead and make your choice!