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5 Unusual New Year’s Eve Traditions

5 Unusual New Year’s Eve Traditions New Year is the special time of the year, when everyone believes in magic and miracles. Therefore, each country has its own traditions and unusual New Year’s elements. Having explored some of the main customs of Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil and Portugal, we’ve decided to share the...Read More...

Must-Have Apps for Students

Your high-school exams are waiting for you to pass them with flying colors while all your schoolmates are feverishly attempting to improve their grades, and send their applications to different colleges. If you feel on the hop and have no idea what to do with all this “getting-into-college” rush, here you will find valuable tips,...Read More...

6 Strategies for Launching a Successful Blog

How to Start a Blog: Useful Tips Do you want to create a blog and make it successful? Do you want to generate income from your subscribers, as well as advertisers and merchandisers? If the answers are “Yes,” you should know and implement the following blogging strategies. Six steps for creating a successful blog Define...Read More...

Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up: 7 Tips To Help You De-Stress

Our fast-paced world is both exciting and challenging. Unfortunately, people are bound to face stress. It is important not to let it happen whenever it is possible. Keep in mind that long-term stress can cause severe damage to your health and overall wellness. Stress Relief Tips Considering the fact that our life is too valuable...Read More...

10 Tips For Living Alone Abroad

Living Abroad Alone There is a novice term referring to single expats who reside abroad on their own – a Genxpat (Generation Expat). Genxpats are young, ambitious and single professionals characterized by international mobility and a possibility to relocate with work. Yes, it is a trend currently, but being trendy does not eliminate the level...Read More...

Developing a Thesis

Thesis is a complicated phenomenon that should be consistent, convincing and constructive at the same time. The target audience of academic works needs to know on the initial stage of reading about the core concepts, dilemmas and arguments as well as about the brief outline of the development of further investigation, analysis, etc. Nota bene:...Read More...

Internet: How to Keep Your Information Secure

These days you can’t avoid buying products online or giving your personal information to time-proved websites. Can you really be sure the information is safe enough? Unfortunately, there is a risk that the criminals can access it with 2-3 clicks. A guide that will help you to keep your information safe over wireless channels includes...Read More...

Best Way How to Start Saving Money Effectively

How to Save Money Effectively If you are really on a tight budget, reviewing your buying list is a must. Just several shortcuts and a few money saving tips will help you to benefit from your shopping as soon as possible. However, you don’t have to eat bad or junk food – it’s only about...Read More...

5 Nighttime Habits of Successful People

There are many ways in which a person can become successful. Some people are smart, some are talented, but what unites all of them is the ability to bend their schedules and lives to create a perfect environment for work and leisure. Most of their habits are pretty common: eat well, wake up early, not...Read More...

How To Memorize 90% Of Everything You Learn

Is learning a difficult thing for you? We have got some ideas on how to make it easily. Consider that your body’s condition depends on your concentration. When you work for a long time, make a small break with a physical training. Don’t forget that people think productive when they are not hungry. Your brain...Read More...

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