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Must-Have Apps for Students

Your high-school exams are waiting for you to pass them with flying colors while all your schoolmates are feverishly attempting to improve their grades, and send their applications to different colleges. If you feel on the hop and have no idea what to do with all this “getting-into-college” rush, here you will find valuable tips, like the useful apps to clear your thoughts and find it easier to keep abreast of events.
Must have apps for prospective students
1. Searching for universities. The first step for any enrollee is to find out which exactly universities are going to win this honor to be called his/her alma-mater. One of the easiest in functioning and using is the Schoold app. It allows you to search for colleges and scholarships; get pieces of advice on how to apply as well as obtain financial aids among the great number of the U.S. higher educational establishments, and choose the one which will meet your expectations.
If you are eager to study abroad, try the You Visit app. This app gives the opportunity to organize a self-guided tour on some of the biggest universities in the U.S., Canada, and some other countries.
For proponents of British education, there is a useful app called the UKStudyMap. It allows prospective students to see the map of all the education institutions in the United Kingdom. Try searching for a location, and probably, you will be able to find the perfect place to spend next few years absorbing knowledge.
2. Applying for schools: One of the most complicated steps on the way to a college is preparing all the necessary documents and make the work properly when applying for your favorite institution. Why not consider the Admission Table app. Unlike the US-oriented the Schoold, this one incorporates counseling and useful tips for the universities all over the world.
Another invaluable app is Common App onTrack, which helps prospective students both to create a successful college application and to monitor the submission status of the universities.
3. Improving English for the tests. To go your desirable college overseas, it is necessary to pass the exams on proving your level of the English language, such as TOEFL or IELTS.
The free Magoosh TOEFL Vocabulary Flashcards app and the TOEFL app
are two most effective apps focused on preparing you for the TOEFL exam. Flashcards with most important words, practice tests, lesson tutorials, interesting games can be downloaded to your device and be used to improve your knowledge on the go.
If you are interested in passing the IETLS exam, there is a free app to consider, such as the IETLS Vocabulary app, which contains the vocabulary needed to pass the exam and just for everyday use, as well as the samples of exam tasks, such as reading, listening, speaking, etc.

All in all, considering how hectic our everyday life is, having some apps that help you to keep the track on this uneasy way of getting into college, is a reasonable and time-saving thing.

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