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10 Tips For Living Alone Abroad

Living Abroad Alone

There is a novice term referring to single expats who reside abroad on their own – a Genxpat (Generation Expat). Genxpats are young, ambitious and single professionals characterized by international mobility and a possibility to relocate with work. Yes, it is a trend currently, but being trendy does not eliminate the level of difficulties and challenges. These people are alone in a foreign country. Are there any prerogatives in living abroad alone? Most certainly so. Check our tips – and you will see πŸ˜‰
Ways to Meet New People
1. Join an online community. Online communities are extremely widespread nowadays, and you will easily find at least several locally based ones. Just remember that there are many people out there feeling as lonely and even lost as you do. Such communities are the best choice in such cases as far as expats find other individuals who are in the same situation, and therefore can understand them in a proper way. Each community will have a particular focus or interest, so you can even start a new hobby due to it. Check the following links:
1) provides information that is necessary for each expat in a foreign country, and one of the most exciting parts of the given web site is the one dedicated to events where expats meet and spend time together;
2) will provide you with the articles targeted to inform about the country and offer peculiar forums for communication with peers;
3) aims to connect expats by means of informing about events and potential places for meeting your peers.
2. Volunteering: help and meet. You can contribute to improvement of major issues of the city, make a difference in a global sense, and at the same time meet new people who share the same interests, are also expats and care about similar things as you do. Do not even hesitate to check;; and
3. A language tutor is indeed a smart choice! You will definitely need one, especially if you are serious about being in the given country for at least several months. But also remember that language tutor is a door in another world, and not only a linguistic one. Tutors also meet many people regularly, and it is probable that your tutor knows some other expats, and such a circle of connections is actually unlimited. Take a class, take another at a different organization – find learning centers and schools here:
4. Explore the City. Again, here you have multiple perspectives and opportunities: you will get along more easily in the neighborhood and further if it is a big city; you will most certainly will get new acquaintances each time; and you will learn so much useful and interesting information that no one guide is capable to provide.
Well, being alone in a new city is really hard and complicated, but just make sure to stay positive and consider it a brand new dimension of your life!

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